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Hua Hin villas

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Hua Hin villas

Hua Hin villas is popular with Thai people as a weekend break, especially arriving from Bangkok to take pleasure in the seaside atmosphere. The local and provincial authorities take great care in not letting development spoil the location and Hua Hin villas are therefore very popular.

The holiday makers of today are following in the footsteps of the kings of the past. The resort was discovered in the early 1920s by King Prajadhipok a a getaway from Bangkok. Hua Hin became a royal resort for Siam's nobility and upper class. King Prajadhipok built his Klai Kangwon Palace in 1928.

Klai Kangwon is now the full-time re‚Äčsidence of the current king and is not open for commoners, although the outer palace grounds are open for walkers and joggers from 4pm to 7 pm daily who are requsted to bring two forms of photographic ID and pocketless clothes.

Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin transportation

The Hua Hin Air Shuttle is the only passenger carrier offering regular flights to and from Hua Hin Airport so the price is fairly expensive.

The best option is a 1st class bus service will soon connect Hua Hin to with Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Songtiews run the same route around Hua Hin all day and only cost 10 Baht. Car rental is also available. But Hua Hin is really a place that is best seen on a bicycle – flat lands and cool sea breeze – and there certainly is a lot to see.

Hua Hin attractions

Khao Takeab is worth a visit. You will see the whole of Hua Hin and the beach by going up to the top of the mountain – one of the highest parts of Hua Hin. It’s a great place to watch the sunset and the food on Kao Takeab is excellent.

The Hua Hin beach runs from one side of Hua Hin to the other, but is interrupted by Khao Takeab at the south of the beach. If you make it over the wall and to the other side, you’ll find a nice beach, and further on, Suan Son, a beach used by the Thai army that demands a charge for entry.

Activities such as ATVs, horse riding, go-kart, and kite boarding area available, and at night there are two night markets selling food and clothes.

The favourite one is in the middle of Hua Hin, and is tourist oriented. The one favoured by the Thais is called the Grand Market because and is in the parking lot between Grand Hotel and Sao Paulo Hospital. Grand Market is diverse and inexpensive but closed on Mondays and Thursdays.

There’s lots to eat in Hua Hin. Restaurants close to the beach and on Kao Takiap are tourist orientated, and authentic Thai food sellers are on Phetkasem Rd along the way to Kao Takiap. For cheap food, check out the night market.

For nightlife, the Hyatt Hotel in downtown is very international. Style is popular with teenagers and plays hip hop music and techno. Takeang (J. Gene) Pub is at the end of the Soi Bintabaht girly bar street close to the Hilton Hotel. They host live rock. Bluestation Country Pub is nearly unknown to tourists. Located behind the older of Huahin's two bus depots, it usually houses a Thai band.

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